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Hedge trimming

As a skilled tree and hedge specialist, we can achieve the perfect look for your outdoor space. Whether its a large-scale project or just a minor trim, from start to finish or service is secWe are fully equipped to take on hedges of any size. If you have a hedge that needs a regular trimming service, or a one-off reduction in size, we have the tools and expertise to create a cohesive, polished look that will impress you and your neighbours. We also provide hedge removal services. This includes the uprooting of the entire hedge structure and removal of all waste. Whatever your needs, we are ready and willing to lend our expertise to help bring out the best in your outdoor space.


our work

Here is one of our recent hedge trimming &re-pollarding of trees we carried out for a commercial client in Birstall this week with the help of our friends at UTM and their van mounted MEWP.


trimming BENEFITS

removes overgrowth
looks tidier and neater
enhances loss of natural light
reduces insect infestation
promotes health and lowers spread of disease


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