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crown reductions and pruning



removing over grown foliage
removing dead or damaged branches
enhancing loss of natural light
an unaesthetically pleasing space
increased garden maintenance


Does your tree suffer from dead or damages branches or is it overgrown and in need of a trim and prune? then a crown reduction is likely to be the answer.  A tree crown reduction, or trim will improve the tree’s overall appearance and health whilst remove dead or damaged branches that may potentiall fall or cause damage and hazard.


When you have a tree overgrown or dead or damaged branches, it’s essential to have its Crown Reduced. 

Crown reduction may be used to reduce mechanical stress on individual branches or the whole tree, make the tree more suited to its immediate environment or to reduce the effects of shading and light loss, etc.


our work

Here is one of our crown reduction projects. This project involved a road closure and these trees hadnt been touched in years. 


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