Client: Oil & Gas UK
Oil Spill Response and Planning Information now available on the Marine Scotland National Marine Plan interactive website (NMPi)


This information is the result of an oil industry initiative supported by the Oil and Gas UK Environmental Sensitivities Working group and building on work undertaken by BP. RS Environmental worked with Marine Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage to collate and map information required for oil spill planning and response in Scotland for hosting on the NMPi website. It is a resource for the UK oil industry, oil spill planning and response professionals and advisors.

The majority of the layers, highlighted in the information pages below, have their view restricted to >1:250,000 scale due to the nature of the data and its intended use for emergency response tactical mapping. A simplified classified shoreline is available at >1:50,000 scale. Further information is available on the Marine Scotland website.
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Client: BP Exploration Operating Company
Environmental and Socio-economic Sensitivity Mapping for Oil Spill Preparedness and Response (OSPR)


In 2014 BP comissioned RS Environmental Ltd to develop an interactive environmental and socio-economic sensitivity map for the North Sea Region. The deliverable is primarily used for oil spill preparedness and response but is also used to support BP operations by informing environmental assessments required for operational permit applications (e.g. chemical permits, marine survey applications).
Using a geographical information system (GIS) the most current information describing the spatial distribution of features sensitive to oil pollution was mapped.  These include shoreline types, protected areas, biological resources (birds, fish, marine mammals) and socio-economic resources (aquaculture, fisheries, energy industries, transport, recreation and cultural heritage). The relative sensitivity to oil for each receptor was then determined as a function of intolerance to oil and recoverability.
One key project deliverable was an Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) map of Scotland's northern and eastern coastline, including Shetland and Orkney. The ESI system is widely used for oil spill contingency planning around the world but had previously never been developed for significant stretches of the UK coastline.  RS Environmental Ltd developed an innovative approach to classify the Scottish coastline based on substrate type, exposure to waves and currents, and shoreline slope. This method has been adopted by the UK Oil Spill Response Forum (OSRF).
Clients: BP, Centrica, Maersk Oil, Shell UK
Environmental Support to UKCS Operations


Since 2007 RS Environmental Ltd has provided operational support to oil and gas exploration and production activities in the Uk continental shelf (UKCS). We specialise in helping clients to demonstrate sound environmental management, ensure compliance and minimise the environmental impacts of their operations.
The application of robust environmental management systems (EMS) is central to achieving these objectives. The RS Environmental team has extensive experience of designing and implementing EMS to the ISO14001 standard including identifying and evaluating environmental impacts, formulating operational controls, setting objectives, communicating roles and responsibilities, monitoring, auditing and reviewing performance. RS Environmental has supported Shell UK to develop and implement an EMS for their UK production operations that successfully gained ISO14001 certification.  We have a wealth of experience supporting the environmental management of offshore oil and gas activities for operators in the UK.
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